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edwin liked 7 months ago

Making a Space for Community Dialogue

At Hashing Systems, we’re creating a space for members of the Hedera community to share their ideas, questions, and developments.

The circle of developers, users, investors, and enthusiasts on Hedera needs a place to foster group dialogue. This not only... (More)

Real Time Attendance Management System –

New Updates and Key Benefits of Online Attendance Management System -

Gone are the days that have attendance registers or manual punch-in machines to note the presence of an employee. When days pass, the older generation Online Attendance System has evolved to tackle these manual issues. However, these online attendance portals... (More)

Alarming Rise in Visitor Visa / TRV Rejections From India-as Fraud Rises

Due to a number of people trying for TRV, there is a rise in demand for TRV and thus, misinformed Indians fall for misrepresentation from ‘Ghost Consultants’ who are not authorized to do it and do not have the knowledge... (More)

Fresher Job In Bangalore-

How Different from Other Job portal sites.

You might be using several Job portals for posting Jobs, but you might not be getting the right Candidate for your Job vacancies. Is that you, facing those problems, and want to get more candidates with customizable filters? or Looking... (More)