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Making a Space for Community Dialogue

At Hashing Systems, we’re creating a space for members of the Hedera community to share their ideas, questions, and developments.

The circle of developers, users, investors, and enthusiasts on Hedera needs a place to foster group dialogue. This not only... (More)

Hashgraph Weekly March 2nd: 💌HCS in the browser & more

From joining the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars program to HCS integration in Composer. We have a lot of awesome news for you today.

Hashing Systems joins Blackstone + Techstars Lift Program

We're excited to announce that we have... (More)

Hashgraph Weekly 📝#EthDenver Updates and more

Quick Announcement: We're updating our mailing list to include external links to help you stay updated with Hedera Hashgraph, ecosystem news, and updates to Hashing Systems products.

Valuing assets in a virtual economy

Gamer mortgaged his home to net... (More)


How To Send HBARs From Bittrex Global To A Private Hedera Hashgraph Account

In this article I will show you how to Open a Bittrex Global account, procure Hedera Hashgraph HBARs, and transfer them to a private account in order to provide fuel to operate your newly developed DAPPs.

  1. In your web browser’s... (More)