Since our community launch, we have been working hard on finding ways to enable crypto-native features for our users. So now we are adding HBAR Tipping across users. All you need is to connect your account to your DailyStamp profile. To get started, you first need to have Composer on your web browser and be logged into your Hedera account. Composer can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Store. You can make a Hedera account directly from Composer (How to get a Hedera account and Composer).

To begin, first go to the homepage. This space contains the main functions you will use on DailyStamp: posting questions and viewing answers, products, and articles. Click on the circular profile image at the top right of the page and then the “Profile” button in the dropdown menu that will appear.

Now you should be on the profile page. Here is where you can see your activity on DailyStamp: your questions, answers, product posts, blogs, and replies. You should see a “Connect Wallet” notification. If you have connected your account you will not see this notification. Please contact the team at our support chat on the main site for assistance on removing your paired account. 

Click on the edit profile button on the top right of the screen. This will show the edit profile window.

The edit profile window allows you to write a short bio, create a banner for your profile, and connect your social media accounts. To complete the process of connecting your account, click on the connect wallet button to pair your account to DailyStamp.

Having your account connected will let you interact with other DailyStamp users with hbar. This includes awarding and receiving tips for content on the platform. 

We do not charge for tipping.

We are not responsible for your keys. We do not have access to them.

If you have any issues with Hedera, or your account, please reach out to