At Hashing Systems, we’re creating a space for members of the Hedera community to share their ideas, questions, and developments.

The circle of developers, users, investors, and enthusiasts on Hedera needs a place to foster group dialogue. This not only brings transparency but also empowers community building.


DailyStamp is a platform for members of the community to freely share knowledge and interact using crypto. This content can be questions and answers as well as news and projects on Hedera. Readers can follow specific authors, whose content then appears on readers’ feed.

This website also provides a space for continuous dialogue. Under the channels button, anyone can join conversations under threads related to different tags.

The incentives

We see a future where content makers can be paid in two ways, tips and pools. The first is voluntary tips from readers that like their content. The second one will be receiving money from a daily pool of money shared amongst content makers: the share they receive is proportionate to how much readers like their content.

If there were 100 upvotes in total on DailyStamp on one day and someone’s content received 40 upvotes, they would then get 40% of the daily pool of money.

The money used is in the form of cryptocurrency (hbar) and will be transferred through Composer (the chrome extension on Hedera). Hbars can be exchanged for dollars, or other cryptocurrencies, on crypto exchanges like OKEx, Bittrex, etc.

The rewards

We will be running a reward program for the most reputable users on DailyStamp. The top 10 will receive a share of 2,000 hbars. The ranking is determined on how users interact on the platform. This includes asking and answering questions as well as maintaining a complete account.

We want to continue to reward good content through other rewards, as we feel it will bring about an environment of creativity.

Join the conversation here. After a quick signup process, you’ll be set to be part of our community of idea sharing. Don’t forget to have Composer installed on Google Chrome if you want to transact using hbar!

Receiving hbars for posting content is not guaranteed. Additional terms may apply. Note that these distributions may be taxable to you, and Hashing Systems may request additional information from you either before or after the distributions are made. We do not guarantee any monetary value associated with hbars.