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Asked a question last year

Hey guys new to Hedera, Need some guidance and I appreciate your time. I believe I have an account, with an account number in main net. However got stuck when I got to the SDK part of test net. I can only see a portion of my Public key and can't see the rest. I believe I'm in the portal. I have my 24 word passphrase or key and I did see the 5 Hbars given to me but haven't gotten back to that screen. I'm familiar with how Bitcoin works in that I have it stored on a Trezor. I know nano will be coming out with a way to store it soon but I don't know where I can buy it outright or convert it and that process seems a little different. Not comfortable sending it to my phone but if that's the only way I guess I will for now. Any guidance in this would be appreciated.

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