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Pablo Peillard
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Chief Decentralizer

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Hashgraph Weekly March 2nd: 💌HCS in the browser & more

From joining the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars program to HCS integration in Composer. We have a lot of awesome news for you today.

Hashing Systems joins Blackstone + Techstars Lift Program

We're excited to announce that we have been selected to participate in the LaunchPad Lift mentor program. A 10 week program for 10 student-led startups.


Ledger Nano X & Ledger Nano S now support holding HBAR

Now you can save your valuable coins in a hardware wallet.


Composer v1.6 is out on the Extension Market

Hashgraph Consensus Service is fully integrated in the browser.

With this update you can also pre-approve domains with balances so you don't have to go back-and-forth with popups.


Settlement tracking with real-time auditing using Hedera Consensus Service

This video is a demo released by Hedera displaying how two entities can send messages to each other. It builds a credit/debit balance that is verifiable on the graph.



Pablo ✌️& the Hashing Systems team 💌

Hashgraph Weekly 📝#EthDenver Updates and more

Quick Announcement: We're updating our mailing list to include external links to help you stay updated with Hedera Hashgraph, ecosystem news, and updates to Hashing Systems products.


Valuing assets in a virtual economy

Gamer mortgaged his home to net a cool million dollars in a video game


R.O.B. made video games cool again

With an overcrowded market and low quality games, the video game industry’s value fell from $3.2 Billion to $100 million.


GDPs of Virtual Economies

Interesting video on the intersection of Economics and online Video Games


MythX + Console IDE Collaboration

We met up with Tom Lindeman at #EthDenver and began integrating security analysis for Hashgraph contracts


Pablo ✌️& the Hashing Systems team 💌


Community AMA: Hedera Consensus Service is coming

For this special February meetup, we will be joined by some of Hedera’s 2020 MVPs for an AMA (ask me anything) session focused on the upcoming release of the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS).

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Hedera Consensus Service (previous webinar with details on HCS: offers the ability to create scalable and verifiable time-stamping and ordering of events for any application. It utilizes the native speed, fairness, and security of hashgraph consensus, combined with the trust and governance of the Hedera public network.

Such events might include asset tracking across a supply chain, music stream counts for digital rights management, or a log of digital asset transfers. Hedera Consensus Service can be used standalone or as a decentralized ordering layer for other ledgers, such as Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, or Corda.

We are taking questions for this AMA via the DailyStamp, so please go here. To submit your questions be sure to tag AMA as the topic.

Livestream Link:

About the Panelists:

• Pablo Peillard (Hashing Systems) - Pablo is a skillful technologist focusing on decentralized solutions. Previously with Consensys at Grid+, he is now the founder of Hashing Systems, a Hedera Hashgraph venture studio behind Composer and Hash Name Service.

• Sharat Chandra (Government Blockchain Association - India Chapter) - Sharat is a Keynote Speaker, Blockchain Evangelist , Hashgraph Ambassador, Educator and is featured among World's Top 100 Blockchain Influencers & Leaders by Lattice 80 and Thinkers360. Sharat is also volunteering as President of India Chapter, Government Blockchain Association, a global non-profit organisation, helping governments across the world understand and adopt blockchain. He has mentored multiple startups in the blockchain and fintech space and a regular publisher of thought leadership on emerging technologies.

• Vishal Dharmawat (Rejolut)- Vishal is an ambitious but a level-headed and business-driven personality having 9 years of IT experience, who loves solving problems, with a wide experience of successfully executing the complex projects in a hyper-growth environment. He is the Co-founder of Rejolut and a Techo geek with a focus of DLT Technologies.

In his spare time, Vishal enjoys to spend time with his kids or learning new technologies.

• Amit Kumar (Rejolut) -

• Cooper Kunz - Cooper is the Developer Evangelist at Hedera Hashgraph, where he grows and supports Hedera's strong technical community. Beyond decentralization, his interests include hiking, quality coffee, and sour beers. Prior to Hedera, Cooper studied philosophy and computer science at the University of Arizona. While there he also ran Hack Arizona, one of the most popular hackathons in the United States.


On improving on the current Smart Contract implementation on Hedera Hashgraph

The EVM running on Hedera offers substantial improvements over Ethereum with transaction finality and fair ordering. These enhancements come with drawbacks that must be addressed before mass deployments can take place.

Concerns in current implementation:

  • 800kb contract state size limit
  • 25 tps


  • Reduce or remove on-graph state size dependence
  • Validate communication through Hashgraph Consensus Service
  • Provide native-like Ethereum smart contract experience
  • Provide migration or native (current) smart contract support

Important Requirements:

  • Encourage Hedera usage as L0.
  • Pay any fees with native HBAR. This encourages usage of the Network token and reduces overall ux friction.
  • Encourage Validators with reward fee. The total made up of the Consensus fee (direct from Hedera) and a Validator fee.
  • Becoming a validator can be fully permission-less with a substantial security deposit (stake) of ie: 125,000 hbar.
  • Main network should ensure data validity

We looked into a couple of smart contract implementations that can be applied (more than one can be used):

  1. Ethereum Fork where blocks are sent via HCS.  ie:
  2. Token Ledger. ie: Simple Ledger Protocol from BCH
  3. DappChain contracts with validators. ie:
  4. Off-chain Virtual Machine Implemented via current Smart Contract service. AVM:
  5. Offloading state to IPFS-like network. ie: 93%+ reduction would mean a 14x increase in smart contract state size availability.


Making a Space for Community Dialogue

At Hashing Systems, we’re creating a space for members of the Hedera community to share their ideas, questions, and developments.

The circle of developers, users, investors, and enthusiasts on Hedera needs a place to foster group dialogue. This not only brings transparency but also empowers community building.


DailyStamp is a platform for members of the community to freely share knowledge and interact using crypto. This content can be questions and answers as well as news and projects on Hedera. Readers can follow specific authors, whose content then appears on readers’ feed.

This website also provides a space for continuous dialogue. Under the channels button, anyone can join conversations under threads related to different tags.

The incentives

We see a future where content makers can be paid in two ways, tips and pools. The first is voluntary tips from readers that like their content. The second one will be receiving money from a daily pool of money shared amongst content makers: the share they receive is proportionate to how much readers like their content.

If there were 100 upvotes in total on DailyStamp on one day and someone’s content received 40 upvotes, they would then get 40% of the daily pool of money.

The money used is in the form of cryptocurrency (hbar) and will be transferred through Composer (the chrome extension on Hedera). Hbars can be exchanged for dollars, or other cryptocurrencies, on crypto exchanges like OKEx, Bittrex, etc.

The rewards

We will be running a reward program for the most reputable users on DailyStamp. The top 10 will receive a share of 2,000 hbars. The ranking is determined on how users interact on the platform. This includes asking and answering questions as well as maintaining a complete account.

We want to continue to reward good content through other rewards, as we feel it will bring about an environment of creativity.

Join the conversation here. After a quick signup process, you’ll be set to be part of our community of idea sharing. Don’t forget to have Composer installed on Google Chrome if you want to transact using hbar!

Receiving hbars for posting content is not guaranteed. Additional terms may apply. Note that these distributions may be taxable to you, and Hashing Systems may request additional information from you either before or after the distributions are made. We do not guarantee any monetary value associated with hbars.


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